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17 yr old ticket

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I was pulled over for window tint on my truck on Hwy 195 last month. While waiting for the state police officer to return with my ticket another officer pulled up. They informed me I had a warrant for a traffic ticket out of Frankford municipal court. They ror me with a notice to appear. I just got my license back last year and as far as I knew all my tickets and fines were paid or the state of new jersey wouldn't have given me back my license. After my first appearance I find out that these infractions were allegedly committed in 2001, they were driving while suspended , failure to stay to the right, and a seatbelt ticket. These tickets are 17 yrs old, a good portion of that time I was serving a federal prison sentence. If there were any warrants at the time of my release in 2017, I would not have been released. So the warrant was not active as of 6 13 17. I was never notified of these tickets, court appearances, or anything and they are under a PA license which I did have in the late 90's. I have no recollection of ever being pulled over in Frankford or Augusta NJ, not saying it wasn't me buy I don't recall it at all. Its also possible someone used my license or is. I now have my second appearance august 9th 2018. I have recieved no information on the infractions and was unable to speak to the prosecutor while there on my first appearance, it was nearly plead not guilty and come back when I was notified to. On a ticket this old, where i have minimum information, what can I do to get it possibly thrown out,  or do I even have any grounds to do so. I mean 17 yrs old, and no information, this is before dashcams and all so I can't prove or disprove it was me. Any insight will be much appreciated. Thanx

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