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I have used information off this site in an essay that I am doing for university but low and behold I cannot find all the information I need to cite it. How the hell do I cite this site?


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The posts on these message boards should only be used for general information.

They really should not be used as authority for an essay.


If you're talking more generally about information found on the Findlaw website -- to the extent it is not original material (for example, statutes, cases, etc.) you should cite to the original material and not to Findlaw. 


In the unlikely circumstance that some original material on Findlaw is appropriate to use as support in your essay, courts typically use a citation format for web-posted material along the following lines:


American Bar Association, Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar,Statistics, http://www.americanbar.org/groups/legal_education/resources/statistics.html) (last visited Dec. 14, 2017)
some courts use 'accessed' or 'last accessed' instead of 'last visited' and some use 'available at' before the web address and then don't include a date stating when the site was visited/accessed.
I don't know whether that format is suitable for use in an academic paper, though.  I'm sure there are resource guides available to you that will indicate what the correct citation format is.  Check with the university librarian if you don't know where to find that information.




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8 hours ago, Luctretia said:

How the hell do I cite this site?


I'm sure if you google "citation form for website," you get an answer.


That said, your instructor may have a preferred format -- especially depending on the type of class you're taking.

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