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Invasion of Privacy

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I have reason to believe a colleague went through my purse (zipped closed) when I stepped out of the office (it wasn’t where or how I left it and she was the only other one there).  It had a prescription inside that relates to a private medical matter.  I’m afraid she may have taken photographs as evidence and that she will share the information/evidence either with other coworkers or our bosses or worse yet on social media.  What can I do if she does any of the above? Any thoughts on proactively addressing this with her before she humiliates me? 

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Your post doesn't really raise any legal issues.


I'm sure you can do any number of things.  Among other things, you can report what you suspect to your supervisor.  Whether your supervisor will do anything based on your accusation is, of course, something no one here can predict.  If this woman posts something on social media (why would she do that, and who would care?), you can that the social media platform on which it is posted delete the post.  I obviously don't know the people with whom you work, but if one of my co-workers came up to me and told me, "Hey...did you know Bob is taking blankety-blank medicine?" my response would be something like:  "No, and why would I care, and why do you care?"


In the future, keep your purse more secured.

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