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Statute of limitations

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1 hour ago, dark_angel_kitten_86 said:

Can charges for labor violations be brought 5 years later? I was forced to work a 24 hour shift then told to work a 6 hour shift with only 1 1/2 in between. If I reported it now could the DA still bring charges against the company owner?


What kind of work did you do? Neither federal law nor Indiana state law requires that shifts for most jobs be limited to a certain number of hours or that there be a certain number of hours off between shifts. There are, however, a few jobs that limit the hours worked and time between shifts, so it does matter what work you were doing. Moreover, generally these sorts of violations are not criminal, but rather civil, which means either the agency in charge of enforcing the law would fine the employer or sue the employer for the violation, or the employee would sue.

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