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Police search my rights

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A better way to do this is to explain what happened when you did get searched and what the circumstances were.


Because the answer to your question (as written) is "Whenever they have a constitutionally good reason" and that answer doesn't help you one bit.



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2 hours ago, Hobojimmy said:

When does police have the right to search me


There are three ways a cop may have authority to do a search:

1. The police have a warrant from a judge or magistrate authorizing the search.

2. You have given the police consent to the search.

3. The circumstances meet one of the situations in which the courts have said that the police may search you without a warrant or consent. These include: a search of your person incident to arrest; an inventory search after arrest (e.g. your car is impounded after you are arrested); a limited search for the officer’s safety during what is known as a Terry stop; where evidence to be seized is in plain sight, where exigent circumstances exist (e.g. there is a real risk the evidence will be lost or destroyed before the officers can get a warrant), and some others.


Any analysis of a search is highly dependent on the particular facts involved. There is no easy answer to give you that would cover every situation.

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