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This has been awhile ago I attended school, graduated September 2009 actually. Anyway,,,, I signed up at Business Institute of  Pennsylvania in 2007 in a Legal assistant program. I started in January 2007 halfway through they came to us said were now Laurel Technical Institute no warning nothing. Then they tell me my major is now Office Administration  because they do not offer the Legal Assistant program. I already attended half the 18months.Also come to find out I was getting charged as an out of state student because my ID was from ohio but I was living in
Pennsylvania had been for years just never switched my id because my licenses was suspended. like I am paying double for something I didn't want to be never have pursued it. Irs has took my income tax last few years and I just received another bill for close to $10,000. Advice please?

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If the IRS is offsetting your tax refunds to this student loan, that means that the loan was either a direct loan from the Education Department (ED) or the ED guaranteed the loan and paid off the lender when you defaulted. So I am guessing that the bill you just received also came from the ED, right? If so, I suggest you contact the ED to work out some payment plan or other resolution to the debt. Student loans are not eligible for discharge unless you can prove to a bankruptcy court that you face an “undue hardship” in paying the loan, which is pretty difficult to do.


Unfortunately the problems you had with the school are unlikely to get you any relief from the loan. Students are responsible for checking out their schools and for making sure the programs they pursue will lead to something that will enable them to pay off what they borrow.

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