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How do I adopt?

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Ok very quick story here. I have legal custody and legal guardianship of my grand child.

Both parents signed a paper saying they agreed to the placement of the child permanently with me and my husband.

As far as I know the rights didn't need to be terminated, since they just signed the child over. The child had been

in the foster care system for over a year before I got the child. That was in the state of GA and I live in NY. In my papers

the parents have no rights or visits, it states that me and my husband make all the choices and decisions. I don't have

to even let them contact the child. MY paperwork says permanent custody and guardianship until the child is 18. NEITHER 

OF THIS Childs parents will every try to take me back to court and DFACs said they couldn't. BUT I would like to adopt the child.

But what do I need to do. Do I have to go back to GA, or can I have this done in NY. The father is willing to consent to the adoption

but the mother would fight. Is there some abandonment clause I can use ? Do I have to get her consent to adopt this child?

I get no help from the state. The state is not involved or following me at all. I did NOT do a kinship placement. I just went to the 

court and the parents wiling signed him over to me. DFACs retains nothing of him and has not even contacted me since the day I took

the child. He is on my health insurance and I do all the things for him. So now I need to know how to adopt this child. HELP

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Mr. Shields, your response is (1) a violation of the rules of this site, (2) five months late to the poster, (3) non-responsive, since the poster's issues involve Georgia, not Alabama.  Please refrain from advertising here.

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