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employee has been using company customer information to harass me and my ex-boyfriend

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a safeway employee has been  using company customer information to harass me and my ex-boyfriend. I reported to the police department a few of the incidents and the DA later brought charges against her which are still pending. There was a stay away order and the DA said if she did not bother me for a 6month duration the charges would be dismissed.  I have been shopping at this Safeway for 15 years and after the last court date I went in to the store with my friend to use banking services...mind you it was the day in court that she knew I then knew her identity, before that she assumed I did not know what she looked like. When she saw me come into the store she immediately had management come and tell me to leave. I explained to them I did nothing to be asked to leave and that their employee has been in an on going court thing for harassment.  She used my Safeway card info and my boyfriends info to get our identity and phone numbers ( I did not know at the time what or who she was...I even continued going through her line up until that day in court because she knew who I was but I had no idea who she was). My boyfriend and I even broke up due to the problems she caused between us.  So what is my recourse at this stage...I feel I am the victim and this employee should be fired for using my personal info to harass me...why should I be inconvenienced even more? They could even transfer her...but to demand me to leave..I am the victim here! help!

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