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contractor pay problems

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I was working remotely from ny for a pa company for two years doing a project for a another company.

The other company would pay my boss, then he would pay me.   I was working 40+ hours a week

without vacation time.


Then I got hired full time by the other company.  At this point I was given my final contractor check which

I felt was low, since he was paying a month behind or more.    I complained about it and the new company

ended up offering me $2k to forget about it.  I felt the lack of pay was much greater then that so I said I would

rather them figure out the exact amount.   I then made a spreadsheet of all my hours for the two years which

clearly showed that $10k+ was unpaid.


I submitted this to them and they said they would look into it.   After two months, and them hiring someone else to "help" me,

they laid me off.   The day they fired me, they said they decided they didnt owe me anything.    They provided no proof.

So basically I lost my job over this disagreement...


I took the old company to court to try to get my money.  My boss had a lawyer who was in talking with the judge in private before the case.

I felt everything went in my favor during the case but the judge reserved judgement till a week later where he dismissed the case without a reason.


I didnt have a lawyer so I tried to get a lawyer after that but the only one I found wanted $5k to start, with potential fees to $10k+.

That is more then the case was worth so I decided not to...


I tried contacting the pa labor dept to help but they said they dont deal with contractors. 


What sort of proof do I need to win the case in court?    The spreadsheet of my hours, my bank records showing wire transfer payments, and our email / chat discussions

was not enough....  The judge wouldnt accept any emails from anyone other then me and my boss so not all were accepted 

including the one where they tried to offer me $2k to forget about it....




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