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Squatter Favored??!!!

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A home was purchased in Detroit. The previous homeowner was put into assisted living. Her caregiver wanted to rent the home so a year lease was written.  (The 96 year old in assisted living still had her belongings in the home)The The caregiver becomes ill and passes from pancreatic cancer. The daughter of the tenant had permission to store her mothers stuff until the lease ended on May 31st. The daughter (Brittany) was served with a 30 day notice to quit and a letter stating the homeowner wanted access to take pics of the property on May 15th. Homeowner finally spoke with Brittany and she agreed to a meeting.  No call. No show. The following day homeowner received a call from a woman named Katherine. She stated Brittany no longer had anything to do with the property and informed homeowners she was in charge. She did set up an appointment and of course no call no show.  The new homeowner then knocked on the door and was charged by this woman and she threw hot coffee on them. 911 was called and she stated she was a cousin of the deceased but was moving and would be gone by the 16th of June and was not arrested for tresspassing accessed the property on June 18th to find the home was vacant aside from things that were to stay in the home. Locks changed. The neighbor called to inform squatter locks were changed and squatter stalked new homeowner while driving three cars boxed them in and assaulted again. This time punched and broken tooth. Homeowner filed emergency an eviction and hearing set for June 30th. Filed Brittany Ford and all other occupants. Brittany defaulted but Katherine showed up an hour and a half late and somehow retetained council under Brittanys name. It was 36th district court in Detroit and white people are the minority. In the eviction hearing the Judge refused evidence and violated plaintiffs rights, due process etc.. She was completely hysteric due to the way the judge treated her. She petitioned a higher court. They stepped in. Went over documents and escorted plaintiffs to the home where it was deemed abandoned. Again squatter is informed, shows up and is dismissed by police. They have possession all is ok until they are served on July 11th with a SHOWCAUSE TO PROVE WHY THEY SHOULD NOT BE HELD IN CONTEMPT FOR VIOLATING A COURT ORDER (the dismissed case) The allegations ranged from racial slurs to claiming property was still in the home. An alleged quote" YOU NIGGERS ARENT STAYING IN THE HOME " In court the Judge refused evidence AGAIN! Would not accept testimony proving innocence. The Contempt hearing was this past Friday the 4th. JUDGE adjourned until August 23rd however ordered homeowners to give squatter access on Sunday at 3pm. Homeowner complied fearing jail and squatter cleared the home. All homeowners possessions and prior homeowners possessions and family heirlooms. The squatters attorney attended. Homeowners were able to show the truth. The attorneys response "Oh Dear" as she watched helplessly as these people robbed them blind in broad daylight per court order... Then returned later, broke into garage and took everything in it. ANY IDEA WHERE TO START WITH THIS CASE? Who is liable? 

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If the homeowner has seen the last of the squatters and has regained possession of her property her next step is to put it up for sale as is, take whatever she can get for it, and never look back.


As for who is liable, the squatters are liable of course. But the reality is that the homeowner won't ever see a penny from them no matter what she does. Low lifes have nothing and will never have anything except what they steal. They have no respect for human beings on which they live as parasites. They have nothing to lose so there's nothing to get.


And that has nothing to do with race. I've had white low life tenants.

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