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My nephew(age 14) is being abused and neglected in kings county California.  I witnessed his father (My brother) smoking pot with his son and allowing his son to sleep in animal feces. He does meth (has tested positive for it in an unrelated charge) has become increasingly paranoid and erratic in behavior. He lives with his parents (my parents) Akira's grandmother denirs the abuse, as does the child. Akira (the child) will not admit to the abuse because he is afraid of being taken away. I have reported everything to CPS and other than 1 home visit (I was told by my nephew and mother) nothing has been done to protect Akira. I am posting under all possible categories on here in hopes of getting answers to what else I can do to.help my nephew. What can I do to get Akira help? Fyi I live in Indiana and witnessed this during my recent visit. I know physical abuse happens frequently as my brother told me he hits his son, and I have personally experienced my brother's unprovoked violence. How do I get my nephew to a safe place? 

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You have not mentioned the child’s mother. Where is she? If she is fit to care for the child then perhaps you can get her motivated to seek custody of the child. Apart from that, documenting what you can about the alleged abuse and providing that to CPS is about all you can do.

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