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After sentencing

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I was never given my sentence reduction of 12 months . I was sentenced to 108 months with 5 years Supervised Release. I was granted the 12 month reduction and, also the U.S. Attorney. I never received the reduction off my sentence of 108 months . I was incarcerated from May 28 2003  to  October 1 2010 and 6 months Halfway house still under the BOP's custody till April 2nd 2011 when I was finished with the BOP, then  I started my Supervised Release . I am wondering if I can be compensated for either the Federal Bureau of Prisons not on there job by not recalculating my sentence, or is it the District Courts fault ? I feel as though the Feds owe me for somebody in administration not doing their job right.  I think it was the Federal Bureau of Prisons ????

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