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1. This is not a place to look for an attorney.  It is a legal,discussion board.


2. An attorney who would take a criminal case for free is not likely to be more experience or skilled than a public defender who does criminal defense for a living.


3. Unless your son's case is very unusual or involves unique issues I cannot imagine why any attorney would take the case for free.


4.  Any attorney who would be of any value to your son would be probably be practicing in the City or County where your son is being prosecuted.  

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22 hours ago, Mom561 said:

I need a pro bono for my son


20 hours ago, Mom561 said:

I want to find him a private attorney that I can trust !! I mean I trust her but I am scared I want to make sure he is in good hands !


17 hours ago, Mom561 said:

Looking for a Pro Bono !


"Pro bono" is a shortening of the term "pro bono publico," which means for the benefit of the public.  Thus saying that you "need" or are "looking for a pro bono" doesn't make any sense.  What you're really saying is that you want to find a lawyer who will work for your son for free.  While that's great in theory, why would a lawyer want to work for your son for free?  I obviously don't know what you do for a living, but how often do you do it for free?  While some attorneys occasionally volunteer their time, there is no such thing as a "pro bono attorney."  Like everyone else, attorneys have bills to pay and need to eat and pay rent.  Some organizations (e.g., the ACLU and NAACP) will occasionally provide free legal representation in cases involving particular subjects.  Since you haven't told us anything about your son's case, we can't know if there's any reason why any such organization might take interest.


You say that you want "a private attorney that [you] can trust" but then tell us that you do trust your son's public defender, so I assume "trust" has nothing to do with this.  It's also not clear why you need to trust the lawyer.  She's not your lawyer, so all that should matter is that your son trusts her.  You then say that, although your trust your son's PD, you "want to make sure he is in good hands," but you don't explain why you don't think he already is in good hands.

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