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What do I do when the SJ PD stops my daughter from visiting Grandpa in ICU?

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My daughter removed restraints from her grandpa who is ICU patient.  As we do everyday.  We do not take our eyes off him.  Although we have never seen him trying to remove his breathing tube.  We understand the restraints having to be on.  We put them on when we leave.  My daughter eventually left the hospital when the hospital securitg who are also the SJ PD asked her to leave.  The nurse became very upset when my kid removed the restraints.  I spoke with security SJPD the following day when they stopped me at the door . My daughter is not allowed to visit.  That's crazy.  Especially because I still remove restraints and the nurses tell me nothing.  What does my daughter do when she goes to visit tomorrow and they stop her at the door?

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