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Need Opinion of way to resolve a 9 year old warrant

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I am writing in the hopes of being able to help my girlfriend with a situation that I am partially responsible for, or that I feel some consideration should be given.

In 2008, she was on probation on a charge pertaining to drugs.  She violated probation by her submitting dirty drug tests.  She went to court for the violation and

with her attorney by her side she was remanded to custody.  Her attorney told me that the judge wanted to hand down an 18 month sentance that was suspended at 

her original sentance.  After some work her attorney had the DA and judge willing to put her in a residential treatment center.  I paid to have her transfered to the treatment center

but when she was released from custody and should have gone to the program she walked.  The more time that went by the worse it got.  in January of 2010, I was diagnosed with a 

Heart Condition that carried a prognosis of 3 years normally.  Today I am still continuing treatment with a specialists and am on Disability because the disease has progressed slower then what was expected,which is attributed to experimental treatment meds, and home care.  The home Care is something that I could never afford or be able to obtain, as she has been that person to me for years.  She has not had any police contact, and I have a letter of recomendation from the Specialists as to the actions and activities that she has been performing.  I have always had her 

freedom on my mind, and In dont know how or if there is anything we can do to get her back before a compassionet judge who might be willing to help this situation so that I dont find myself 

without her support and help.  Obviously I have a concern for her being able to not be looking over her shoulder continually.  So what do I do in order to generate some forward progress with 

resolving this issue, and is it a real longshot that considering her time elapsed without contact, and her free of any drug use, maybe the possibility of squashing this warrant

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It is highly unlikely any judge is going to be sympathetic with your friends case.  She was given an opportunity, for which she should have been grateful, and refused the kindness.  Her only path is to turn herself in and let the chips fall where they may.  She doesn't get to choose the judge: she gets to chose the sheriff to whom she reports.  Your situation and her history since sentencing may mitigate the reimposition of sentence but hardly overcome her actions in escaping.  In fact, she may be charged and sentenced on an additional charge of escaping.

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The only way to get rid of a warrant is to be arrested or surrender.  They never go away.  With that said, depending upon the actual drug charges she was originally convicted of, and her prior criminal history, she may fall under Prop 47 for a reduction of the charge BUT, she's going to have to consult an attorney and get back into court. 

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