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Lis Pendence

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I was sentence to 4 years in State prison  and got out under AB109.  I am off probation and parole.  However before I went in a Lis Pendence was place on all my property to seize it if there was equity.  There was no equity. The receiver gave the file back to the DA and stated there was no equity, I am back in my home and still have the other two.  How can I remove the Lis Pendence which was a temporary restraining order from my property.  

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A lis pendens is not placed on all "property to seize it if there was equity."  Nor is it a restraining order.  Since this relates to a criminal matter, my guess is that it was placed because there was a pending forfeiture action pursuant to Penal Code section 186, et seq.  If that's correct, and if the forfeiture proceeding has concluded, you should be able to get the prosecutor who recorded it to release it.  Ask your attorney to call (or do it yourself) the prosecutor to discuss.

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