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Looking to get my fifth amendment back, need A legit place to get my background info NICS. Is there anywhere I can that besides on the FBI web site

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So I messed up when I was younger and didnt live the most honest life but as I have gotten older I am paying for it. I never went to prison and the longest I ever spent in jail was 3 months and that was for A Class G Felony for possession of a Analog,"1 Valium''.That was 7 years ago this April. I Have not had any run ins or tickets nor anything do with the law, I woke up and realized it was time. I currently have a great job and have proof of employment from the last years. Ive been researching how to go about expungment but MI does not expunge they ''set a side''. So anything you can suggest to get a real background criminal arrest record and ect.. And or how I should begin doing this expungment please let me know I would be greatful

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