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Apt Made a Mistake and Now Trying to Make me Pay

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Hi All-


I need some advice because my apartment is now trying to get money from me due to a mistake they made a few months ago and I'm hoping they aren't able to do that.


I recently terminated my lease with my apartment in Georgia. Upon telling them 60 days in advance I was to break my lease, they provided me with paperwork that we both signed that stated everything I had to pay to move out, a "rent to fufill notice" (it was outlined like below).


September Rent- $700

October Rent- $200  

Termination Fee- $1500


I wrote 2 checks, one for september and october rent for $900 and one for the termination fee for $1500. They signed the above paperwork and also signed & dated a photo copy of my checks to confirm they recieved my payment.


Now they are coming back to me saying I owe them $300 dollars because my usual rent is $1000, so the mistake they made (and are now realizing 2 months later) is undercharging me for September rent. However, do I have rights not to pay because they provided me with paperwork of what I owed them to fufill my rent, and they signed it and accepted it, regardless of if they made a mistake.


Any advice would be awesome! Thank you :)



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You never should have paid the "termination fee".In GA contracts are not permitted to have a termination fee.


If anything, they owe you $1,200. The best chance you have of recouping that? Refuse to pay and hope they sue you, then counterclaim.

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