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Restitution garnishment from Social Security.

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I was sentenced to prison in September 1996. I was ordered to pay restitution which I am still paying since September,1996.

The sentence was for 20 months with time off concluded on or about March 15, 1998. I am now beyond the "20" year period of my term for

the conclusion of my restitution obligation based on the "VWPA". Victim Witness Protection Act of 1996. There is still money left on the restitution requirement.

The question I have is will either the Sentencing Judge or the Financial Litigation Unit notify me of the conclusion of this case and stop Social Security from taking 

out my garnishment every month.


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Sorry, there is no statute of limitations on the payment of mandatory court ordered restitution to a victim of a federal crime.  The law requires that the victim be reimbursed in full and the government will continue to collect until that is achieved.  18 USC 3663-3664.


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