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Statute of limitations in CT

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I'm currently in the process of doing some research for a book, and I'm confused about the statute of limitations in Connecticut for Sexual Assault. I've read two variations, one that it can be up to five years, and the other up to thirty years. 


So my question is this. 


If the crime occurred twelve years prior, and had not been reported, and there was no DNA evidence, could it still be brought to trial? The girl would have been 15 at the time, and the assailant 16. I know that I've read something about the age factoring into this as well. 


If anyone could advise me on this, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Thank you. 

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Sexual assault covers a whole range of behavior.  It is not just one crime, but many type of a crime.


By law, there is no statute of limitations for Class A felonies (CGS § 54-193). The following Class A felonies involve child sexual abuse or related actions, and can be prosecuted at any time:

1. first-degree sexual assault when force or the threat of force is used and the victim is under age 16 (CGS § 53a-70(a)(1));

2. first-degree sexual assault with a victim under age 13 when the offender is more than two years older (CGS § 53a-70(a)(2));

3. first-degree aggravated sexual assault when the victim is under age 16 (CGS § 53a-70a);

4. aggravated sexual assault of a minor (CGS § 53a-70c); and

5. employing a minor in an obscene performance (CGS § 53a-196a).

Otherwise, the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse is generally 30 years after the victim reaches age 18, or up to five years from the date he or she notifies the police or a prosecutor of the crime, whichever is earlier. In cases of second-degree sexual assault where the victim is at least age 13 but under 16 and the offender is more than three years older, the case must be prosecuted within five years after the crime was committed (CGS § 54-193a).

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