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i need help

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My 18 year old daughter passed away September 28, 2015, of Cardio Myopathy, Her Symptoms started early Feb. 2015, I took her to the ER, they did all kinds of test

sent us to a heart specialist, she had to wear a heart monitor for a week but when we got the results, I  was told the problems she was having was due to her being pregnant.

She still kept having chest pains and shortness of  breath. She begun her prenatal care at Grady Hospital and had to wear a heart monitor again.. and two days before she  had her baby that's when we found out what the problem was. Well, she had the baby August 24..she was sent home with a life vest and was told that her heart could stop at any time .On Sept. 26,2015

she was not feeling well, she was coughing a lot and having chest pains I called the EMS.. when they entered into my home I told them that she is a congestive heart failure patient, they told me that it "sound like she was coming down with a cold and advised me not to take her to the ER because it was a long wait"...On Sept 28, 2015 my daughter Tyesha passed away. My cousin who is a nurse at the hospital where my daughter passed away at,  said that she looked at her x-ray and said that she had an enlarged heart. No doctor have never told me that..I need help . I was told that is really hard to get an expert to testify against a doctor in Georgia. I believe that the ball was dropped with my daughter.. need answers!!!!...Please can somebody help me!!!!

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Hi @kcole


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. So sorry about the death of your daughter. You may want to speak with an attorney experienced with medical malpractice to determine if any of the medical professionals who treated your daughter fell below their reasonable duty of care. You may be able to bring a medical malpractice or wrongful death lawsuit.


For a free consultation with an attorney, click here, or use the FindLaw Lawyer Directory to search for medical malpractice attorneys in Georgia.


Best of luck,

The FindLaw.com Team

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It's not clear what your question is or what "help" you think we can provide.  It appears the statute of limitations on wrongful death actions in Georgia is two years, so you should be seeking to consult with a local attorney for advice.

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