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Criminal Homicide in Pennsylvania

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 I am a student working on an assignment that has to do with the case of William B***** in York, Pennsylvania, Docket Number: CP-*****. I have some questions because I have never looked at a docket sheet before and it is very confusing. William B***** was charged with criminal homicide, but the victims didn't die. Why does the docket sheet say 'criminal homicide' and not attempted murder? I thought homicide involved the killing of another human. He tried to kill the young woman and man, and I think he had the intent to kill them, but they survived, thankfully. I am confused.  Are there instructions anywhere on how to decipher a docket sheet? 

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You have to look at the code section referenced.  In PA they cite the code section and an attempt is referenced with an "A."  What they call the charge on the docket doesn't govern.  It's the code section.  He was convicted of 2 counts of attempted first degree murder along with a group of other serious felonies.

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