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14 hours ago, Conundrum2016 said:

Is there a law in Georgia that states a certain procedure  
must be followed when pulled over by an officer?


Must be followed by whom?  The motorist or the officer?  Pulled over for what?


Given the incredibly large number of variables that could be involved in a situation in which an officer pulls over a motorist, any sort of one-size-fits-all law about procedures to be followed would be absurd.

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Hi @Conundrum2016


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! As other posters have mentioned, there are not iron clad set procedures for either officers or civilians during a traffic stop. However, there are many laws of criminal procedure which apply to traffic stops, police questioning, and police searches. You can check out these articles on the topic:


Let us know if you have additional questions!

The FindLaw.com Team

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