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Hello FindLaw members,


My name is George and about 9 days ago I got into an accident just involving myself.

State is Washington State.




It was early morning about 4:30am or 5:00am I had come back from trying to apply for a job and it was raining fairly hard 

and I was going downhill on WA-18 where the speed limit is 60MPH, I was going 50mph because during a hard rain that's 

the speed that I usually travel at in those conditions and have never had an issue.


That morning as I came through a turn near the bottom, my rear end on the vehicle decided it was gonna wash out on me, 

I turned the wheel to try and correct it but all 4 tires at that point were sliding, I hit the center median and all that, stopped and 

managed to limp it to the side of the road so it's not a threat to other drivers.


Washington state patrol shows up and asks me about it and I told him the same thing i'm telling you all, asked for my license 

and I gave it too him.


Tow truck arrives etc etc.


Today I receive a ticket in the mail from Burien Court from the state patrol officer and the infraction reads, "Driving too fast for conditions"



Now remember what i said earlier about driving 10mph under the limit because of conditions and the fact that I have always for the past

few years driven 10mph under in these conditions without incident.


My question is should I contest it or not?


Any info would be much appreciated, thank you.


               George F.

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Obviously 10 miles under wasn't slow enough for the conditions because you lost control of the vehicle.


It's up to you to decide if you want to contest it. There's no way to predict whether you'd be successful or not.


There's a procedural Guide to Traffic Tickets in WA State that might or might not help you.


It's a sticky at the top of the Moving Violations, Parking and Traffic Tickets forum list:



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On 10/22/2016 at 1:19 PM, TheFallenHobo said:

My question is should I contest it or not?


I'm not sure why anonymous strangers on the internet matter.  On what basis do you think you could successfully contest the ticket?  "Too fast for conditions" obviously has nothing to do with the posted speed limit, and the fact that you crashed is pretty much dispositive of the fact that you were, in fact, driving too fast for conditions.  Right?

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Hi @TheFallenHobo


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Sorry to hear about your car accident, but glad that you're okay! While ultimately it is up to you to decide if you want to challenge the ticket, FindLaw has some helpful materials which can help you make that decision:


Best of luck!

The FindLaw.com Team

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