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School board files harrassment complaint on non-custodial for requesting information

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Police report reads principal calls about 'agitated parent' during crisis intervention with social services. Nothing further describing what actions accused made to define 'agitated parent'. Police report ends that matter is resolved and closed, but that Principal requests officer be posted at child pick up. Principal begins making horrified faces and behaving like a child as non-custodial drives up to pick up child, but child is placed in car and non-custodial and child leave school without further incident.

Non-custodial gets police report 8 months later noting that it reads principal wants police officer posted at school during pick up, even thought police report states that matter is closed.  Non-custodial  has not returned to school since Christmas to allow emotions to settle. Non-custodial contacts school board secretary to get guidance as to if it is ok to pick up and drop off child on visitation, noting that there is a court order which specifically reads 'visitation shall not be interfered with while child is in school, and requests how to obtain any reports on incident'. No response from secretary of school board for over a week.

Non-custodial sees link to facebook page from school board site and posts questions again, seeking if ok to pick up and drop off child at school and how to obtain reports as to what accusation are causing concern with principal.

Non-custodial receives phone call from police department that he can continue picking up and dropping off child upon visitation, but any contact with school board will be considered harassment.



  • Does non-custodial have right to access reports by principal and school staff made to the school board?
  • Does school board have a right to ignore requests of such information?
  • Can police legally threaten criminal proceeding on a non-custodial parent for requesting information concerning themselves from the school board?
  • Is there a section in the Connecticut Digest that would address laws on privileges or overstepping privileges against a non-custodial invitee to Social Services intervention?
  • Can Principal unilaterally bar non-custodial from school grounds indefinitely when there is a court order stating that visitation shall not be interfered with while child is in school for no reason other than she is offended by such a trivial matter as the ex doesn't like the child's father because she and the child's mother are friends? If so what section would I search, or what case law takes precedent on such matters?

Please forego conclusory hostile attacks based off of stereotypes, or at least argue BOTH SIDES of legal  argument.


Also, I am not seeking to find remedy. I am a FYLS and am actually blown away at this, but would like to know what Statutes allow a parent to be treated like this, as well as have to go see child while mother is in surgery, and wish to know what I am legally talking about if I am attacked again.



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Bottom line here is that the court orders are binding only on the two spouses. If NCP is having difficulties with the school then he need to bring his ex back to court where she can be ordered (under pain of contempt) to fix whatever is happening with the school.


So, yes, the principle can do whatever he wants because he has not been ordered by the court to do anything for the NCP. NCP only risks more trouble (including possible arrest) if he keeps going back there hassling people at the school without getting his ex to resolve this.

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The school board secretary and the school board's FB page are not the appropriate means to resolve your dispute. If it warranted police intervention, the behavior was far from appropriate. The Principal may request police presence anytime they feel there is a need. Their duty is to the children and other staff members. The custody agreement is not binding on the school. Either the kid rides the bus home and the NCP picks up there, or the other parent picks up and the NCP gets visitation from there.

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What law is this stuff based off of? My understanding is that this is a LEGAL FORUM, which would suggest that actual black letter law is discussed, which has TWO sides, and is not conclusory. There must be defenses. There are basic fundamental rights to United States citizens. Please dsicuss BOTH SIDES, not just your opinions, and back up what you have to say with LAW.

Is it legal to pass laws against classes of persons? In this instance it would seem that laws are being passed against the class of NCP's. It would seem there is some legal remedy here in a nation where ALL citizens have basic Constitutional RIghts.

The answers I receive on this forum seem as if there are absolutely no rights to a NCP, even when the NCP has been found to have Joint Legal Custody.

Can a principle just go out and start shooting children at the school because they feel it is appropriate? By the answers I have been receiving on here it would follow that this is the case. If not, then at what legal point does the principles 'privilege' end and become over stepping the bounds?

I am seeking the basis of law here. There has to be law governing these matters.

CPS works on quotas and is politically based, family courts work on political corruption. Surely anyone on here that is an attorney took Political Science at the very least, and have surely seen in actual dealings in the courts that this is so.

Tactics such as asking the D 'so are you saying ti is my fault? Whose fault is it' is such a commonly used tactic in the family courts that it is blatantly obvious what I am saying it true.

And the people running the courts laugh and call it such things like 'Jerry Springer Day', and make attacking children entertainment.

Lego sticks ( the sticks, not the blocks) are hollow tubes, They can absolutely cause a puncture wound if used in a stabbing motion.

The family court would just assign some guardian ad litem to affix a $15,000.00 or higher debt on me and throw me in jail for contempt of court for being unable to pay the extortion fees, and would not look at any interest in the child.

It has to come from the school, but they are just as corrupt.


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