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Purchased a car now dealer wont send title

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I bought a car from a dealer in SC and they are supposed to send the title to my local DMV (in Va.) so I can register the car and then the DMV will send it to the lien holder. It has been over 6 weeks since I bought the car and still no title. I have called many times and every time its a different story. I was even promised that it was sent over night to my house and they said FedEx would deliver it at 3.30PM the next day. Of course nothing came and when I called they said they didn't send it. I love the car and it is everything they said it was and maybe even better. Its a 2008 Corvette that is almost flawless other than the fact that I cant drive it and have already canceled a weekend vacation with my wife and now I'm going to miss the Corvettes for Saint Jude's fund raiser ride to the Hospital. Does anyone have any legal advice for me and is there anything I can do?  

The dealer is a pretty good size dealer and they were very good to deal with at the time of purchase.

Thanks for any help.

John L.

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Hi @jleews6


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Sorry to hear about the aggravation with the car dealership. You may want to speak with a civil attorney about this issue. Likely a lawsuit would not be available, but an attorney contacting the dealership and threatening a breach of contract lawsuit may do the trick.


If you need help finding a local attorney, you can use our Lawyer Directory.


Best of luck!

The FindLaw.com Team

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