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Landlord raise price

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I rented apartment but after less than three month, I was laid off from the job. The rent is pretty expensive, so I broke the lease and have to move back to my parents home and try to find job. At the time the leasing office gave me two options, basically paying three months of rent for out of lease OR giving one month notice and pay the rent until they find the new tenant. Since three month of rent is way too much for me to handle, and I thought the Boston housing market is very strong so I selected the second option.

Now the company put my unit on their website but raise the price more than 15%, it has been almost two month now and the unit is still there. I called them they said they are using market price. I can't continue pay the rent for the unit that I already moved out. I don't know how long I have to pay. The argument is:

1. Based on the law, the landlord has to make reasonable effort to find new tenant which I don't see it happens.

2. Their market price is ridiculous, my original rent is $2,800, they list $3,400 on their website now.


I told them I will stop paying the rent. They threaten me for collection agency. What can I do?

If finally I have to go through the court system, do I have chance?

This is a big rental company.


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Hi @happer123


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting! Given that you agreed to pay rent until the unit was re-rented, you might be out of luck. If this is a larger property management company, they likely have a justification for their calculation of market rental values. If you stop paying the rent, you do run the risk that the management company will sue you or hand the matter over to collections.


You may want to speak with a landlord tenant attorney regarding your options at this point. If you need help finding one in your area, you can use our Lawyer Directory.


Best of luck!

The FindLaw.com Team

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