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Defimation in medical care

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I was Munchausen by proxy. I gave my recent medical care person in a place called one medical my information. ihave 50 years of being me in my body and also the last 19 given back my life not off of competent medical care but me. I made progress taking my lfie from a medicaly abused neglected kid from a honor student in art school no drugs into a hell and take my life back from doctors. I repeatedly told doctors over and over my story so that id get reasonable care instead they tried to listen to sick family twisted logic or not at al orjust pick u one word. the fake diagnosis attached to me in hysteria... that lead to years of abuse. by a miracle 12 years of torture and witness to worst after. I walked into jobs in nyc in art world and began crudely to reverse my life and the abuse. it lead to 19 years and a very miracle recovery of which some people and my family were no to happy for me to thrive again. being a dead give away  to intent and fear of me talking . the I'm nog toing to go to jail for ur fukcing life kind of attitude despite they were given a normal ife. I got a super life and it was also jelousy to that  now I did not die like they wanted but I had a happy cool life. in last few years  had to ask for help to escape and recover from some persons with intent to reverse my life. the medical person input a fake diagnosis not that I was Munchausen. Not only did it prove deadly but also defamation and a long trail of evil attached to this and others riding it to try to rob rape and get off with murder and abuse.. leading to me to suffer the loss of my extremely fun and happy life and it turned back into hell to please a sick family.. I want to sue them for defamation from day one  I can prove this, and lived 19 year as a free of them life . one sister went to extremes to follow me when I escaped them and thrive she had no interest in me but to abuse me for 15 years. but till I escape and thrive she track me down when I cut them off for good.. this is just one of the insane senarios of my life story. after 19 years of healthy ife I'm now left a basket case while doctors sat and let me lose my life and did not think of my health or the loss of my health and ignored me.. to death..

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