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employer work comp panel dr

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injured at work 3 weeks ago

Co. waited 1 1/2 weeks to decide if they were going with work comp. needless to say no treatment for 3 weeks.

asked Co safety officer if they had panel drs for me to treat with. was told "no", and to wait to hear from ins carrier before i start treatment.

ins carrier finally called to inform which dr to see.

my question;  If the Co. does not have panel dr's posted, can the Ins carrier require me to treat with a Dr of their choosing, or can I treat with my Dr?


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Straight from your state's L&I site http://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Compensation/WC/Pages/About-Workers'-Compensation.aspx#doctor


Choice of Health Care Provider

You are free to choose your own health care provider to treat your work injury unless the employer accepts your claim and has posted in your workplace a list of six or more physicians or health care providers. You are required to visit a provider on the list for initial treatment. You are to continue treatment with that provider or another on the list for a period of 90 days following the first visit. You may see any provider on the list; your employer may not require or direct you to any specific provider on the list.

If a listed provider prescribes invasive surgery, you are entitled to a second opinion that will be paid for by your employer/insurer. Treatment recommended as a result of the second opinion must be provided by a listed provider for 90 days.

If during the 90-day period you visit a provider(s) not on the list, your employer or your employer's insurance carrier may refuse to pay for such treatment. After the 90 days, and in situations where your employer has no posted list or an improper list, you may seek treatment with any physician or other health care provider you select. You must notify your employer of the provider you have selected. During treatment, the employer or the employer's insurance carrier is entitled to receive monthly reports from your physician or provider.

Injured workers should be advised that your health care providers may need information concerning your claim. Some of this information may be contained in correspondence you receive from your insurance carrier, and you may want to provide copies of letters or forms to your health care provider.

Once you begin receiving WC benefits, the employer/insurer has the right to ask you to see a doctor of their choice for examination. If you refuse, the employer is entitled to request an order from the WC judge requiring you to attend an examination. Failure to then attend may result in a suspension of your benefits.

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Hi @cantiendthis


Welcome and thanks for your post! Looks like ElleMD was able to point you in the right direction! If other issues come up regarding your worker's compensation, you can check out our Learn About the Law materials about workers' compensation:


Best of luck and let us know if you have additional questions!

The FindLaw.com Team

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