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Notarize Will witnesses?

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17 hours ago, Doggai said:

Nolo language





17 hours ago, Doggai said:

refers to notarizing testator's signature to his self created Last Will and verifying witness signatures. Notarizing I get, what does verifying mean?


It sounds like you're referring to something you read and that what you read is something other than the law of Minnesota.


Section 524.2-502 of the Minnesota Statutes provides that a will must be (1) in writing, (2) signed by the testator (i.e., the person making the will), and (3) "signed by at least two individuals, each of whom signed within a reasonable time after witnessing either the signing of the will [by the testator] or the testator's acknowledgment of that signature or acknowledgment of the will."  In other words, the two witnesses do not need to witness the testator signing, but, if they do not witness the testator signing, the testator must affirm in the witnesses' presence that he/she actually did sign the will.  There is no requirement in Minnesota (or, as far as I'm aware, any other state) that a will be notarized.  So...armed with the actual language of the statute (and I encourage you to google and read the actual statute), you don't need to be concerned with someone's interpretation of it.

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