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Decreased Hourly Wage

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I recently began a new job with a company that contracts services to various sites throughout the region. At the time of my hire I was told the site where I would be assigned initially would be closing in the near future,  at which tine my coworkers and I would be transferred to other locations. 
We have since learned that we will likely remain at our present site for longer than expected,  however we would be responsible for less duties therefore our hourly wages would decrease.  In other words, we will be working the same amount of hours but doing less for a lower rate of pay.

The employment agreement I entered into at the time of my hire states that there is no guarantee of shift, days off and/or job location, however there is no mention of anything to imply my rate of pay could or would change.

I'm wondering if this is legal...

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Hi @gnd1234


Thanks for posting! Sorry to hear about your reduction in pay. Unless the employment contract explicitly guarantees a rate of pay, likely the employer has reserved the right to change the rate of pay depending on the assignment. However, as doucar mentioned, your employer is required to comply with Kentucky wage and hour laws.


Let us know if you have additional questions for the community.

The FindLaw.com Team

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