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I am out of work pending approval of a LOA after a car accident. 

I have submitted several doctors notes & a return to work note. 


However, my employer will not approve my LOA until my doctor fills out a form with a start & end date due to my injuries, after instructing me I was ok to go on to contact my work office to set up a return eligibility interview.  


I was released to go back to work on 7/18, but I am unsure what date should be the start date for several reasons: 


- After being out on paid sick leave for several days, I attempted to return to work. I could not, went out sick again. 


- Human resources instructed me to file for LOA. 


- I am unsure what would be the official LOA date?  What date would be correct ? 



Thank you for your time, 











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They said to send form to your doctor. These seems evasive. I've seen 3 different doctors, & went to the emergency room...

I don't think she would even know the date, since I saw her about 1-1/2 weeks after the accident ....

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The title of you post is FMLA, but your post refers to leave of absence (as does the form). The rules are often different, depending you which you are applying for.  So in addition to LOA are you eligible for and have you applied for FMLA?

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