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Can a class 2 Arson sentenced to 4 years day-for-day, as a first time offender, receive ssc (suplemental sentencing credit)? 3 months or the 6 months?


And as a first time offender, if with jail credit my time is served, will i be released immeiately? Or do i have to serve 61 days?


This guy has 20 months credit. if he takes a 3 year plea ( day-for-day) will he be released the same day?

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The question posed is a very specific legal question that only an Illinois criminal defense attorney with years of experience could answer. Is there a reason why this person is not willing to trust what their lawyer has told them?

And could you please clarify the questions, you seem to be asking 2 similar questions.

Supplemental sentencing appears to be good time credit for an early release
This article may help: What Are Good Time Credits?

This topic was discussed earlier in the forum: https://boards.answers.findlaw.com/index.php/topic/236534-good-conduct-credit-prison-illinois/

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Generally, the way Illinois law reads, everyone sentenced in Illinois has to do 61 days.


SSC, EGC, Day-for-Day and all those other calculations which reduce a sentence generally will not be handed-out unless the Department deems it necessary. In other words, you can not demand or count on receiving any additional time accrued. It is up to IDOC.


By your own example, if someone was given three years, technically, they could be required to serve all three years.

IDOC and Illinois only give time-off to relieve over-crowding or for other IDOC-centric reasons. You are not promised any additional time off other then the time you already have served in custody or the judge has ordered.


If someone has truly served all their time, they would likely be immediately released from county jail and not have to go to IDOC.


Like everyone is saying, ask your attorney.

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