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Garnishing social security disablity check

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I am posting for a person who has been homeless a number of years and living in a homeless shelter in Utah. He receives a social security  disability check of $ 700 a month. He has no other income or assets of any kind.

He received a call from  United Credit Recovery, LLC That he owed a $ 1000 due to a overdraft with a Utah bank nine years ago in 2007.  He never received any notice of this but thinks he remembers an overdraft of $65 which he sent to them and they returned it saying it had been paid. The $ 1000 was supposedly  because of accumulating interest,  fees , and court cost.  He told them of his personal situation and that he could not get a $ 1000. They said they would put in on 12 monthly  payments or a onetime payment of $ 400, an offer good for one week.

We are in the process of getting a statement  from the United Credit Recovery company. We checked with the bank and they said they use this company to recover debt. We are also in the process of getting with the bank to verify the original debt. The telephone on the web site for this company has a recording that it is no longer in use.


My question is can his Social Security disability check be garnished to satisfy this debt and if so how much  can be garnished a month?

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