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Texas Mandatory Reporting of Abuse Question

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I'm curious as someone I know has recently claimed that there is a law to do with the Mandatory Reporting of Domestic Abuse in Texas that punishes people with knowledge of said abuse should they not come forward. 


My question is does this apply to victims of the Domestic Abuse?


As to me it makes little sense to punish someone for not reporting the crime should they be a victim who is dependent on the one inflicting the abuse.

If they were to press charges after say years of abuse and when questioned why not reported previously that they were "Too afraid to report due to being dependent on the Accused" would they face the punishment of Class B misdemeanor for failing to report? Or would that be reason enough for the Victim to be pardoned of this punishment?

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There's no law requiring a victim to report being abused.  Tex. Fam. Code § 91.003 requires medical professionals who treat a person for injuries that they have reason to believe were caused by family violence to immediately provide them with information regarding the nearest family violence shelter, document in their file that they have been given such information and the reasons for the medical professional’s belief that the injuries were caused by family violence, and give them with a written notice, provided in the statute, regarding their rights.

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