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Medical help at rock and roll show

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I friend of went to a show . I don't want to post the place. But what had happened was he got there late wasn't drinking there was some pot use. Now he health isn't the best. What can remember is very little he thinks he passed out. He can remember being dragged out by to big guys. He said he couldn't stand ,then being put in a taxi that he couldn't pay for. Then being dropped some were he has no cue how he got home. Sorry for the long intro. There the question . Should he have been giving some kind of medical help ?

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Is he one of the few people on earth that doesn't have a cell phone?


He could have called 911 any time.


He could have asked the cab driver to take him to the ER.


He could have done a lot of things.


I don't think anybody had any legal obligation to do anything for him (beyond what they did) if that's what you are asking.

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I friend of went to a show .


You don't say....




What can remember is very little. . . .


That obviously doesn't help anything.




Should he have been giving some kind of medical help ?


How should we know?  What were his symptoms?  Why couldn't he stand?  Why did he pass out?  Who were the "to [sic] big guys" who "dragged [him] out"?  Who put him in the taxi?  Did he suffer any actual damages?  How much of which illegal drugs did he take?  I've been going to "rock and roll show" for more than three decades.  While I've smelled marijuana to one degree or another at just about all of them, that's not enough to do anything to anyone who isn't hypersensitive.  If your friend's medical condition is so bad that a little pot smoke at a concert is going to cause blackouts, then he needs to stay home.




he was incalculable


This is either a typo or you don't know what "incalculable" means (seehttp://www.dictionary.com/browse/incalculable?s=t).  A person cannot be "incalculable," and I can't tell what you might have intended to say here.




he . . . has no menory of the night just bits and pieces.


First you wrote that he could remember "very little," but now it's "no memory."  Which is it?


Without a clear description of what exactly happened, there's no way for anyone to opine intelligently about what anyone "should have" done in response.  If your friend made it home without any damages, then there's no legal issue here.

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