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So Tired of Lazy Landlords

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My issues start with landlord being very laid back and lazy when it comes to repairs and getting things done. I been living at my current residence since 2012 never been late a month. My lease expired in Nov. of 2015 she said nothing just continued to take the same amount from previous contract. When I ask she changes the subject. We are about to have another sit down this time I want a copy of lease. My question is I have a patio that is falling apart you can feel the wood giving away as you walk on it. I told her about this 6 months ago a maintenance man measured and that was that. I have mold setting up in my bathroom from a leak in the roof that been leaking forever, They fixed it or, I should say covered it up with paint like that was going to fix the problem. This leak is now spreading to the spare bedroom and the paint is falling from the ceiling all over my stuff, The master bath is now raining in the the house this all because things were not fixed when I initially told mgmt. about them. The staff here are so laid back I can go in the office and there in there watching YouTube or just doing nothing at all. I'm allergic to mold this is a very uncomfortable situation for me, I  am more allergic in the house than I am outside. Any advice would be great what should my next steps be besides moving, That's not in the cards right now..

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    Give your landlord  your notice that moving out at the end of your lease. Make sure they know why your leaveing is that there not doing there job and fixing things. 

They may talk to you about your problems and may fix them so that you will stay.

Because that emty apt. makes no money.


If they don't care then apts are a dime a dz. and so are landlords!

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