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can a person drop charges on a person even after they have givin their statement to the state and this is pertaining to domestic assualt

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The reason for my question is that my oldest brother and my youngest brother got into a fight and my oldest brother had charges put against my youngest brother even though my oldest brother started and my youngest brother did ever thing he could to not fight him. My youngest brother is on probation so that is y he didn't want to fight him and plus it was his brother. Well my youngest brother is in jail they have not revoked his probation yet but he can not get out on bond . we have had two preliminary hearing and they have been continued . My oldest brother has already meet with the state and told them what he wanted but now he wants to drop everything cause of the grief he has brought to the family and pulse he has realized that he was the problem . Can the charges be dropped even if he has already made a statement and all.



                                                                       Thank you

                                                                  Rose Barron

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