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Statute of limitation

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The water company has decided to add my ex husbands water bill from 2/2001 to oct 2002, we were seperated in 2/2001 and the divorce was final in 2/2002, to my current water bill.  And they stated that they would turn my water off even though my bill was current.  My ex husband died in 2/2008. Is there a statute of limitation on this or do


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A statute of limitations is only a time limit for filing a lawsuit.


If a creditor has methods of collecting a debt without filing a lawsuit then, theoretically, the creditor can attempt to collect the debt forever.


I have no idea whether the water company's tactic is legit or not.


I suggest you start by contacting the Alabama Public Service Commission for assistance:




If that doesn't help you'll either have to hire a lawyer to fight the water company or pay the bill and sue your ex for indemnification.

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