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Filing an appeal with dept of labor for being denied unemployment over the fact I resigned from a part time job due to a hostile environment .

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I'm not receiving unemployment from this establishment, I took the part time position to prove I was being proactive while searching for a full time job. This was made clear at the time I was hired. I lost my job of 10 yrs in mar, received a severance and took this job in June.

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Most people don't understand what hostile work environment means in a "legal" sense.


According to a Maryland attorney:


The actions performed by the individual creating the hostile work environment must be harassing and discriminatory in nature, but what these comments or actions may discriminate against can vary. Some common types of discrimination and harassment that create a hostile work environment are:

  •           Discrimination against gender or sexual orientation
  •           Discrimination against age
  •           Discrimination against a mental disability or impairment
  •           Inappropriate comments made about a co-workers ancestry or place of birth
  •           Discrimination against a co-workers religion or lack thereof
  •           Lewd or sexual comments made to another co-worker
  •           Intentional touching or brushing against a co-worker
  •           The sharing of inappropriate pictures or comments though E-mail

While these are just some common subjects of discrimination or harassment, the discriminatory actions made to create a hostile work environment are not limited to these specific guidelines.


You haven't said what happened in your workplace that caused you to quit. Perhaps if you explained you'd get some helpful comments.

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Advice requires facts, and you provided virtually none other than that you resigned your position.  99 times out of 100, that will preclude unemployment, and the decision maker apparently doesn't think you proved a constructive discharge.

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