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Will no one help me?

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Someone please help!   I cant find a darn lawyer who care about the kids rather than getting paid.    


I AM A Iraq and Afghanistan Vet with disability and losing my kids to a sociopathic narcissistic woman.  


I cant use the Vet services in Texas becasue I am not a Texas resident. 


Im glad to know that people rather look at a price tag rather then look at the facts and see that an Autistic child to include my other 3 are be being manipulated, coerced, used as collateral, Disparaged in front of, and broken down into thinking this guy that she moved in with while we were still married and I was still deployed.  


I am divorced and now dealing with the custody battle that has been dragging out over almost 3 years becasue of a personal vendetta she has against me.  



If you know someone who can help a disabled vet in short noticed please let me know.

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There is a link at the top of the page to search for lawyers. Lawyers are no different than any other person and are not keen on working for free, no matter how noble the cause. Would you have joined the military and declined pay?


If the children are truly in danger, contact CPS where the children live.

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I cant find a darn lawyer who care about the kids rather than getting paid.


Being a lawyer is a job, just like being a plumber or a bus driver or computer programmer, etc.  Most lawyers are not independently wealthy and need to be paid for their work so that they can pay their own living expenses and other bills.  While lawyers sometimes will take cases on a reduced or no fee arrangement, such situations are few and far between.  While I'm not unsympathetic to your situation, I am at a loss to understand why some folks seem to think lawyers ought to work for free whenever asked.


In any event, all anyone here can suggest is that you contact a state or local bar association or one of those "fathers' rights" organizations that can be found fairly easily by googling.

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I feel the original poster's pain.  I am in a similar situation, in Texas, and can't find a lawyer with a heart.

The following may come off like a bit of a rant, but some care and understanding are needed. Not just a slap down on the premise of "well we gotta eat".


I do not expect the work to be free, but do need an attorney that is willing to give a damn about my kids welfare and work with me on a payment plan.

Thanks to an obscene child support payment, that mostly isn't being spent on the children, I don't have hundreds to thousands of dollars to put upfront.


Meanwhile my son hasn't been to school in a year, I can't get any communication with my 6 year-old daughter aside from scheduled visitation, and my ex has them living in a rat hole.

Texas CPS is also of no use.  I have made that call. Unless the kids are actively beaten, sexually assaulted, or in need of majority medical attention CPS will do nothing.

I was even directly told they would not look into it when I reported my son had been out of school for 6 months with a supposed medical condition that was not diagnosed or successfully treated.

6 months later, still not in school.  School din't care either.  Let it go on for almost 2 full semesters until they finally threatened my ex with truancy court.  SO she withdrew him from school, and the school just let it go despite the state education code giving them full power to continue with proceedings.


The Texas state bar, and father's rights organizations have been a joke.  Basically glorified referral services to the same typically cold-hearted people.

I have been told I could have them under my protection in 3 days, multiple times, but must have cash up-front.

We fathers with strong cases need the help and understanding of a few good attorneys. We may not have the ability to pay upfront, but when we get our children in our care, and the support money back in our control, we can afford to pay back the people that made it possible.

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