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Deceased spoke banning family from property that he doesn't own.

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20 hours ago, Bigdog47 said:


I was just wondering if I  could share my court records directly to you?  We can't say much to the public because we are still in debate sort of!



Perhaps you could, but there'd be no point in doing so.  These boards are for basic information gathering and generally only suited to relatively simple issues.  These boards are not a means to get an attorney to review records of an existing case.  Also, I'm not in Texas.



1 hour ago, Bigdog47 said:

The Notary and the 2 witnesses went to court and swore that they saw her make the Will which you can't witness something that didn't happen?


Despite your use of a question mark, this sentence isn't a question.  Debating on these boards over whether something did or didn't occur is pointless.  Moreover, as noted above, it appears that this matter has already been adjudicated by the parties who have standing.  I guess you don't like how the case turned out, but (as I mentioned previously) it doesn't appear that you have or had any standing in connection with the dispute.  As I also wrote previously, "the only recourse available to the party on the losing side of that ruling would be an appeal."

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