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How to evict in 5 days

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I'm in Kona Hawaii. My tenant did not sign the lease. Within the first week of moving in March 3rd of this year the tenants had a big fire and blew up canisters of oil and the fire marshall came and gave a warning and I've been fined more than their deposit. No drugs are allowed and they kept smoking illegal pot. May 11 I caught strangers on my land backing into my storage with a trailer. I said they were trespassing and the 21 year old guest of the mother renter hit me with a pipe fracturing my hand. I foolishly did not go to police as I felt for his Mom. Pot smoking and threats to me continued. May 31st I gave 45 day notice. They ignored it. A lawyer friend said they violated the lease with criminal acts and to give a 10 day eviction. I didn't know I had to use a court.June 1st I posted it on their door from a online form with 2 pages of violations. They paid only $1100.00 rent out of $1800 due for June 4th and I was told they had to move in 5 days for not paying full rent. They ignored it. My attorney friend said I could put a no trespass on the two guests.Which I did May 28 st 2015. They ignored it. I called police and they blew me off, ignored pot smoking and told them they had 45 days. I extended the mom to be out June 23th. They are still here. I wrote her to be out June 25th so I could clean and show it. No response. I let them know I rented it July 1st and people would be moving in. I thought they had left and opened the door to clean June 28th and the son assaulted me refracturing my hand, cutting my head when I fell and gave me a concussion. Police came, ignored assault and said I shouldn't have opened the door and stepped in. I didn't know until I saw the Doctor the next day the severity of my injuries. The police said my Eviction and no trespasses were no good as the son was a guest of his mom.They are still here and I lost new renters. Still no communication. Should I go get restraining orders now as I have new renters that want it July 7th 2015. They have no intention of paying rent yet I pay all utilities including electric. Please help! 

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The eviction process can be complicated as their are many steps involved in the process. The name of the eviction can be misleading, a 5 day notice is just that a notice, only after the 5 days can you get  file a complaint for summary possession in district court, get a hearing and then get a writ of possession and judgment for a sheriff or police officer to evict a tenant.  The process certainly takes more than 5 days.


Here is some helpful information specific to your situation:


Hawaii Eviction

Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Handbook

Legal Aid Society of Hawai'i Eviction: The Court Process

Hawai'i State Judiciary


You may want to speak to an attorney to help with this situation. You can find one here.

Best of Luck

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