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whistleblower discrimination

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Around the month of April 2015 I was approached by a man at a site of a building I was to work on. This man told me that the building was no longer safe to climb without protective safety gear. He handed a piece of paper with a phone number on it for me to call if I had any questions. I left the site and notified my supervisor, CM, about this issue and he stated he would look into it. 


 The next day, C called me and bridged the regional Safety coordinator, S, to discuss the safety issue of ladder and fall protection systems with us. This issue of affixed ladders (maintaining three points of contact) and fall protection systems being put in place on roof tops of building, has come up in several times over the past three years and he had turned it over to the legal department for a decision.   As our discussion concluded we were to do business as usual.  After this call C stated we were to continue to pull radios up the sides of a building or carry them up affixed ladders.


Because I was unsure of the state law I contacted RJ (Telecommunications L&I enforcement Officer). In our conversation R stated he would e-mail the regulations to me. I forwarded the e-mail to C to help to keep the company from violating the WAC code and getting a fine. In the meanwhile C told the crew on the morning call not to climb ladder until we make a determination. 


The next day, C contacted me and bridged on the phone S and a representative from the legal department. The legal department stated this issue has been going on for several year and that we have not received a ticket yet and we were to continue to do business as usual. C asked if the legal department would put this in writing and they refused to do so.


Over the next couple of days C and SJ contacted R from L&I to discuss the issue of fall protection.  


Around the end of May, W the human resource specialist, called and notified me that I was being investigated for ethics violation. In this conversation her concern was not about the safety issue but her concern was about whom the person was that contacted me at the building about the safety issue of the building.  During the conversation I began to feel that my employer was trying to find a way to get rid of me by questioning my integrity and loyalty to my employer.  It became apparent to me that my employer did not want this type of safety issue which my employer has been aware of for over three years without correcting to come to the attention of Labor and Industries.  Even through W was questioning my ethics she assured me that I was still in good standing with the company.


Then I received an e-mail stating my ethics was in question and if I need to lift a radio on to a roof top that me employer would hire a contractor to get the radio on to the roof for me and that I was to continue to do my normal duties.


After two weeks I was fired for un-acceptable personal use of company truck, which is a benefit for us to use the truck? No notice...

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Thank you for the post.  A couple questions to clarify your situation.  Were you a contract employee? Did you reports any of the safety issues to OSHA? How large of a company were you working for?


-The FindLaw.com Team

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