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Man questions married couple paternity

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A former friend is claiming married couples unborn child is his. The married couple not questioning paternity. What rights does the 3rd party have?


Rights in general?  Everyone has dozens of legal rights, and it would serve no useful purpose to try and list them all.


Rights regarding the child?  None, other than to petition the court to order the mother and her husband to submit the child to a paternity test.  How old is the child?  Are you the mother or her husband?  Does the mother concede to having had sex with your "former friend" around the estimated date of conception?  If she did have sex with your "former friend" around the time of conception, did she also have sex with her husband around the same time?  Were the mother and her husband married at the time of conception and time of birth?  Were they cohabitating at all relevant times?

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