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Foundation Work that was never done.

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Hello everyone,


Just a question about what options I have with the following situation.


On Dec 28th, 2014 I hired a someone who I met through another friend who owned a foundation company to take care of fixing the foundation at my home. At that time he asked for $1850 up front. (Half of the total $37000) With the remaining amount to be paid once the job was completed. At the time I paid for the first half  and the guy wrote on the back of his business card that I made the first payment and then he dated and signed the card. 


Over the last few months I have stayed in contact with him to get the job taken care of. He kept telling me he would be out to take care of the foundation and get everything finished. 


Just recently I discovered that the low life never even filed for the permit that would allow for the work to be done. A notice was mailed to me by the city that stated that with in 10 days I would be written a citation for not having a permit. 


I tried again to contact the guy who I hired to finish the work. Now he won't return my calls or text messages.


I have already captured all the text messages between us where he promised to come take care of the foundation.


I finally told him that if he wouldn't be able to take care of it then just return to me what was paid since all he did was dig the holes so I could pay someone else to take care of it. 


I still have not gotten a response and basically would like to know if I could do anything legally to him?


Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


Thanks everyone!!!

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Do you really think the answer might be that you cannot do anything?


Your recourse is to sue.  Did you not know that?


If your unidentified state requires contractors to post bonds, you can make a claim against the bond.

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Hi Johnnycs07,


Welcome to the forum!  Sorry to hear about your situation.  It would be helpful to provide your state.  As pg1067 has indicated, if you state requires contractor license bonds, then you may file a claim against the bond.  If you reside in the state of California, the Contractors State License Board provides a help guide on contractor license bonds.  Otherwise, you may need to file your claim in small claims court.  The following FindLaw resources may be able to assist in this regard:

Good luck!


The FindLaw.com Team

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