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per-diem and hotel reimbursements

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My boyfriend works doing directional drilling. This job requires a lot of travel. Pay is generally set at Pay rate plus hotel plus per-diem. He was hired to come to Colorado, $1800. wk plus hotel. We got in late and the hotel didn't have a room reserved in his name so we paid the first night. The hotel kept screwing up and double billing our card and company card for room. We left that hotel and found a cheaper hotel closer to the job. Then 3 other employees also moved to the hotel we were at. The company was reimbursed for the hotel mistake made by the hotel however we were not. After 2 months at this hotel and turning in our hotel receipts in the amount of $4000 still owed us. The company decides they no longer want to pay for any more hotel bills so the only boss we have met, rented a house 40 miles away, and made it clear that we could move to the house or pay our own lodging and cut everyones pay $300. wk without asking or saying anything.. So we all didn't have any option but to go to the house, The superintendant, his wife, her mom, then his brother showed up, with 4 dogs, and another guy.  they stayed about 3 weeks and left in the middle of the night and in a rush( not sure why). So its me, my boyfriend and the other guy still here trying to fix all the mess that super and his brother left.

  Day before yesterday the boss who's name is the only one on the lease came in our house while we were all at work. I knew this because some things were left for me in the closet upstairs was suddenly gone. I questioned the items and was told he only came in and got the mail and took the trash away from the garage. My stuff had all been gone through and the guy down stairs said his closet had been gone through also. Yesterday I stayed home. At about 2 pm my front door opens and some girl comes in and says she is the secretary and she was told to come clean our house. I was more then irritated and spent about half hour giving her the tour of the crap hole he rented for us and how many hours of cleaning and mouse hunting I have done, she was embarrassed and realized I wasn't happy and I had to leave to cool off. I called my boyfriend and he said he was about half hour away so I left before I blew up. It was maybe 20 min later when my boyfriend got home to find the boss and 2 of the owners of the company from India sitting in our living room and one of the guys in our bedroom looking around in our stuff, and the secretary walking right past him and got in her car and left. That was the minute we decided to leave the job and the house. My question is we have no where to go or a lease here or any contract. If we leave here with them owing us in excess of about $6000.00 now, we may not have any way to collect our money. If we refuse to leave until they pay us can they remove our stuff since we have nothing that says we should be here. Also is this a labor board issue or a lawyer issue in trying to get reimbursed and our final pay?   sorry I couldn't be more brief and thank you for any opinion or help you can give us.

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