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my boyfriend and i got into a physical fight and i left the house.i called the cops and they went to the house looking for him.he was in the neighbors yard.an officer walked into our home and saw a weed bong on the table.so he went and got a search warrant.in the meantime my boyfriend was arrested and bonded out the next day.the first charges got vacated and about 5 weeks later they came and served him this time with 17 charges.were the cops breaking the law when they entered our home and nobody was in it?when i called 911 i made it very clear that i wasnt at the residence.he told the cops all the paraphanelia was him.if i went and told them at court that it was my paraphanelia would it help him?


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No.  The cops did nothing wrong by checking the home when they've been called out to a domestic violence situation.  Neither the cops nor the prosecutor have to believe you if you claim the drugs are yours.  At best, you'll likely just get yourself joined as a co-defendant with your boyfriend and you both go down...

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