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Working around deadly chemicals and acids.

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My job now requires me to work around a lot of chemicals which are new to me.  Some of the processes have mixed chemicals which I do not know the mixture. 


The acids are hydrochorlic, sulfuric, nitric, and maybe more.

The other chemicals are "etch" (not sure what this is), copper, nickel, chrome, and maybe more.


Our new safety manager says that we must receive training that includes: the dangers of each chemical, the written procedure for performing each task with each chemical, the required PPE for working with each chemical, and the first aid responses for accidents or exposure with each chemical.  He says that all of this training must include instruction AND demonstration of each procedure and how to properly use and wear the PPE and that it must be verified that we are doing all of those things properly and safely.


There are at least a dozen of us risking our lives and we have had none of the described training.  We have quick little safety meetings where they are very vague and have not explained, taught, or demonstrated any of those things.


What laws are there and what should we do?



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