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Noise from neighborhood cars with aftermarket exhausts and stereos

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I have a real problem with excessive noise from vehicles in my apartment complex and the road I live on with extremely loud vehicles with aftermarket exhausts and stereos. 


I am interested in finding a legal approach to addressing this issue.


  • I have made a number of reports to the Knox County Sherriff's Dept. I  think they are responsive and professional but have limited resources.
  • I have exchanged e-mail with our senator who feels this is a local matter.  I have exchanged e-mail with a number of local county government offices. To be honest, the response from our Law Directors office was a bit of a blow-off.
  • Tennessee State law covers sound plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet from the vehicle and states "words or phrases need not be discernible and the sound shall include bass reverberation".  Mufflers are also addressed and clearly state that a "muffler cutout" on any motor vehicle is unlawful.  Mufflers must also be "in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise".   These vehicles can be heard several blocks away. 

  • I have license plates, makes and models of the vehicles that are the biggest problem. 

  • Noise from these vehicles is severe and rattles window pains every time they pass.  These vehicles basically harass people in their own homes.

  • I would like to at least file charges for disturbing the peace.

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All you can do is make police reports.  It's up to them whether it goes any further.  Private citizens cannot file criminal charges; only the local prosecuting attorney can do that.  If this is a big enough problem, try to organize your neighbors or move.

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There are several long term items I am looking at:


  • This falls along the lines of organizing neighbors - starting a neighborhood watch organization to log instances of these vehicles passing through the neighborhood.
  • After talking to the law director's office, it is clear that they are not enforcing the entire law as written.  This may be within the rights of local government.  Would like to present a well structured arguments and am currently looking for legal council who has experience working with municipalities.
  • Fine for existing law are light.  This nullifies any deterrent effect of the law.  I have discussed this with our state senator and he is willing to recommend an increase in fines at the next session.

This problem is incredibly severe.  Not too long ago I would recommend Farragut, TN to anyone as a decent place to live.  I can no longer honestly do that.  I don't think it is ethically right to move to accommodate this.  This simply means someone else inherits the problem and there is a strong probability it will exist wherever I move.  I'm open to any ethical legal action that has a chance at a positive impact on this problem.  Judging from the number of proposed bills across the country (and even around the world), I know I'm not alone.

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